Monday, March 29, 2010

Paint Stripping Saga Continued…

As promised here is an update on the paint removal Odyssey begun in a previous post.

Though it may not look it you’re seeing the product of hours of work and an additional two quarts of paint remover, as I’m yet again out of the stuff I think the time has come to face facts and begin buying it in gallon size! You can see I’ve started on the beadboard interior, which appears to have been painted every color of the rainbow at least once. It takes a good five rounds of application and scrapping to get to the wood and that’s before you get down to attacking all those little grooves and beads.

Helping some friends move into a new apartment last weekend I noticed a pressed tin ceiling in the kitchen they’re thinking of stripping down to the metal. Not only is the surface heavily covered and intricately detailed it’s also completely overhead! Just imagining the sea of sweat and paint remover the job would entail sends shivers down my spine. Then again it would look really great when finished…as long as I don’t have to help!
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