Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Very Vintage Christmas

For our first Christmas in the country we’ve decided to trade the tabletop trees of years past for a towering conifer freshly cut from a local grower.

This grower doesn’t shape his trees, as most do today, making for a naturally shaped tree with more space between the boughs like those seen in old movies from the 40’s and 50’s. This gave us the idea to go for a full out vintage theme complete with loads of blown glass ornaments, icicle tinsel, and even a charming snow village spread out beneath.

To really get the look of a true retro Christmas tree we made sure to have the big old-fashioned multicolored lights that cast such a wonderfully warm glow, and of course yards of traditional popcorn and cranberry garlands to lend that final homey touch.

Nearby an elaborate Italian nativity finished with moss, straw, and greens is displayed below a three-tier wooden German Christmas pyramid surrounded by a squat pair of nutcrackers and a cheerful collection of Santa figures.

A bowl of clove-studded oranges is a simple and inexpensive project that not only makes an elegant display but also has a wonderful aroma that adds much to the holiday ambiance.

Outside greeting guests an old cast iron grotesque mask is transformed into the Ghost of Christmas Past with a sumptuous halo of holly and pine.

The old carriage house door gets into the spirit with a simple country display of a weathered copper barn star generously decked out with pine and holly.

Decor and photos by KS&D.
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