Friday, March 25, 2011

English Country Inspiration

Settling into our new old carriage house in the country seems a perfect excuse to revisit our favorite country interiors.

Nancy Lancaster, the American tastemaker who helped define what we think of today as the English Country aesthetic, created this room for herself in the 1970’s. After many years residing in some of the finest homes in England, this arbiter of style took for herself a cluster of outbuildings on her former estate at Haseley Court, and fashioned this summer sitting room cum library from an old orangery. The rich warm color scheme, the patterns and textures, the jumbled prints, masses of books, and bunches of wildflowers; all combine here to brilliant effect. Inspired by the components of this gracious interior we hope to achieve a similar atmosphere for our own library/sitting area. Be sure to check back soon to see just how this image influences our own decorating efforts.

Image from Nancy Lancaster: English Country House Style.
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