Monday, December 2, 2013

An Elegant Nature-Inspired Christmas Tree

As we hinted in our previous post we’ve taken a different approach to holiday decorating this year, trading the vintage inspired tinsel trees of years past for a more understated theme inspired by nature.

While the chosen materials may be simple, even humble on their own, they certainly combine to make quite the statement en mass.

In place of garlands we’ve entwined the tree with swirling grapevines collected from the woods to give an authentic woodland feel, as if the tree were found that way in the forest.

Instead of the traditional balls and bells are a profusion of pinecones in a variety of sizes, as well as fruits including apples, pears, and pomegranates. Fruits in fact were some of the earliest Christmas decorations dating back through the Renaissance to the Medieval era.

Also tucked amongst the vines, fruit, and pinecones is a galaxy of subtle stars woven from grapevine. Tucking is key to decorating a tree like this, as opposed to hanging ornaments on hooks this tree is more like one enormous floral arrangement.

In lieu of thousands of tinsel icicles are thousands of vibrant red berries for an elegantly abundant finishing touch.

Finally the crowning tree topper is a pair of naturally shed deer antlers clustered among a profusion of bare branches and berries to complete the woodland fantasy theme.

While the previous years retro snow village made an ideal scene around our vintage themed trees, a traditional nativity scene makes a more fitting base for this elegant nature inspired tree.

The elaborate nativity features Italian figures dramatically posed in a miniature landscape of moss, gnarled roots, and stones.

Just like the tree that towers above them the humble elements beneath combine en mass to form a rich and exuberant display.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our elegant natural woodland Christmas tree as much as we enjoyed creating it. Wishing a very happy holiday season to all!

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Photos and Styling by KS&D.
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