Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Old Beadboard Cabinet

Visitors to our online emporium Knickerbocker Antiques and Vintage are often curious about the French blue beadboard background where many of our photos are shot. These images were taken on the shelves of a homemade antique cabinet from the rectory of an old church that we acquired some years ago.

This simple sturdy piece was constructed in two halves and originally had a drop down desk on the bottom half long ago removed, although two small side shelves can still be found inside. My favorite aspect of this piece is the slightly off-kilter molding along the top lending a charming homemade quality like the kind of built-in you might see in an old country farmhouse. The beadboard interior and the many layers of old paint further the image of an old built-in, so wherever you place the cabinet it seems it’s always been there. The piece has been placed on an angle to fill an otherwise awkward nook between the kitchen and dining area while simultaneously camouflaging the refrigerator from the rest of the room. Placed opposite the desk the area makes for an ideal transition between the kitchen and dining area. In an apartment where space is at a premium you’re forced to consider each and every element and exactly how it will fit and function. Of course when not being utilized as a photographic backdrop the cabinet is always in use so be sure to visit again soon to see the cabinet fully arranged.
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