Thursday, March 18, 2010

Instant Gratification

I really love the mottled antique patina of the glass on this over-mantle mirror removed from an old Victorian shown here with an antique pair of carved Chinese door panels and three Chinese porcelain figures.

I was however less than enthusiastic for the high gloss black paint finish on the frame when I purchased it. Looking to lighten the piece up I decided bare wood would the best finish for framing such a heavily aged piece of glass. My love of old distressed finishes had until now kept me from ever attempting a paint removal project, but the inappropriate finish on this piece seemed a good opportunity for a first. I was surprised at how quickly the paint practically peeled itself away from the original varnished oak underneath.

It was instant gratification stripping off the black paint to reveal the warm golden oak underneath. Now I really love the way the aged wood frames the old beveled glass on this simple architectural artifact.

The soft aged patina of the piece looks especially beautiful at night in the glow of the unusual gilded metal Spanish candelabra.
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