Monday, August 2, 2010

Venetian Splendor in New York

Venice with the sparkle of sun-dappled waters reflecting across her awe-inspiring architecture has always been one of our favorite destinations. Behind the lacey gothic windows of the Grand Canal lay many of the world’s most incredible interiors. However when a trip to Italy isn’t on the schedule a heavy dose of Venetian splendor can be had right in the heart of New York City.

Down a quiet hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art lies a lavish bedroom removed in its entirety from the Sagredo Palace in Venice. This dramatic interior dating from 1718 is among the finest of its kind and instantly immerses you in the opulence of eighteenth century Venice. The elaborate stuccowork of the ceiling is awash with life-like winged figures soaring around the mural and down the cornice. The bed itself sits like a throne in a raised alcove crowned by an oval gilded dome. With soft light seeping through the frosted glass windows you could just imagine yourself waking as dawn breaks over the Venetian lagoon. If you decide you’d like to make that particular fantasy a reality it just so happens that back in Venice the Sagredo Palace, sans said bedroom of course, is now a luxury hotel.
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