Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crystal, Gilding, and Lilies

We’ve decided to bring the Waterford crystal decanter collection out of the dark breakfront to sparkle in the light of an antique carved marble lamp.

The crystal ball filled with internal bubbles also sparkles beautifully while adding a fun less formal counterpoint to the traditional cut crystal, and the polished brass stand adds a metallic note picked by the gilded bracket shelf and unusual rococo mirror. The little shelf along the top of the sideboard is just right for holding two vintage crystal vases.

Next to the decanters sits a blown glass urn brimming with lilies, a wonderful way to scent your home that’s more potent and longer lasting than candles or atomizers. At the florist buy as many closed buds as open flowers so you can toss out the older flowers as they wilt while the new blooms open over the next few days. Refresh the water every couple of days and you’ll have flowers all week.

Photos and staging by Knickerbocker.
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