Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gold Gilt and Rusted Iron

Something about the rusted patina on this antique wrought iron candelabra and sconces perfectly compliments the golden oak of the old Mission furniture.

Religious art and artifacts also lend themselves well to the mix; especially the deep orange background of a Spanish Colonial style painting of the Madonna and Child and a gold gilt triptych icon depicting the same theme.

Beneath the triptych sits an elaborately painted Indian jewelry box atop an elegant antique Egyptian Revival casket.

Flanking the oil painting is a charming pair of Staffordshire style lions, as well as saint figures that include a colorful vintage plaster statue of Saint Jude.

The other antique saint figure is carved from wood with a romantically distressed finish that includes traces of the original gold gilt. At his feet sits another golden relic, this one a wingless Victorian cherub, behind which the bold architectural scrollwork of a fragment of hand carved wood Rococo molding makes a unique and interesting vertical element.

Crowning the vignette is a tiny antique Roe Deer antler trophy signed by the hunter in a scrawling hand and dated 1898.

 Styling and photos by KS&D.
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