Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tuscan Villa Interiors

We’ve had Italian country house style on the brain since our recent post featuring a pair of local Jazz Age Mediterranean villas, for a look at the real thing here are some interiors from one of the loveliest Italian estates on the market today.

In the entrance vestibule an intricate ceiling of delicate neoclassical scrollwork presides over a space simply furnished with a spare mirror and matching coat rack. A console displaying a few well-chosen accessories and a marble topped center table holding a simple arrangement of hydrangea adorn the space.

In the next room a spectacular trellis motif entwined with climbing vines covers the walls while a charming pair of corner cabinets display colorful ceramic serving pieces. The geometric tiled floor is one design of many throughout the house.

This hall features a more ornate floor pattern and yet more climbing vines, here used to ornament rows of dramatic double columns that separate the space from the glassed solarium. Between the pairs of columns are placed trees in enormous tubs that also help define the space but keep it light and airy as the real leaves blend with the painted ones trailing the columns. Casual wicker chairs in the foreground are similar to those we noted in the 1920’s photo of the drawing room in the previous post.

A closer look into the solarium reveals the beautiful windows accented with blue stained glass that echoes the floor tile pattern. The comfortable looking upholstered furniture is slip covered in a cheerful blue and yellow chintz giving the space a homey lived-in feel.

An enchanting dining room is swathed in trompe l’oeil drapery swags similar to those we noted in the galleries of Albemarle House, and lined with upholstered banquets piled with cushions.

This grand salon is also awash in trompe l’oeil drapery that creates a rich backdrop for an eclectic mix of furnishings. An oversized check on the sofas and windows brings both a casual country air and a graphic contrast to the lavishly swaged walls and marbleized architecture, while four large Chinese figures and a pair of intricate stools add a hint of Chinoiserie to the mix. Finally a brilliant mass of sunflowers is perhaps the perfect finishing touch for any Tuscan country interior.

All photos via Sotheby’s Realty.
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