Thursday, April 5, 2012

Designing A Staircase Gallery Wall

Creating a well-balanced gallery wall can be challenging but putting the display on the diagonal is an entirely different story.

This staircase is lined with a dramatic display of classical prints mixed with Mid-Century Modern art that forms an eclectic backdrop for a small sitting area.

The orderly composition is centered on a large print depicting ruins of the Roman Forum flanked by antique Italian reverse hand painted art glass wall panels of delicate classical design.

The traditional brown leather rolled arm sofa is dressed up with a trio of throw pillows in orange, teal, and yellow Chinese silk, a fun spring/ summer color scheme that adds a dose of 60’s chic. In another nod to Mid-Century style a collection of vintage Murano art glass bowls pop on the cocktail table like blossoms of color, while antique and vintage brass accessories lend a metallic note to the end tables.

Vignette photos and staging by KS&D.

Art and accessories available HERE.
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