Thursday, June 3, 2010

Art Glass Curio Cabinet

Ever in need of storage solutions for our online emporium Knickerbocker Antiques and Vintage we recently acquired this mid-century vintage curio cabinet to hold overflow of our art glass collection. The curio takes up practically no floor space and the angled sides reflected in the mirrored back give the piece the effect of being a built in column inset into the wall. I also must admit to loving the slender Venetian Gothic-like arches around the glass panels. The only drawback is the vintage speckled chestnut finish that doesn’t match a stick of furniture we have least of all the antique 1820’s painted Baltimore chair it ended up situated next to in the hall. Taking our cues from the black painted chair we decided to try a high gloss black lacquer finish, which really gives the piece a completely different look. The crown molding along the top makes a perfect perch for a print and sculpture collection including a copy of the David, a carved marble bust, and an antique metal female sculpture with great patina. The gilded mirror and abstract painting add light and color while complimenting the rich hues of the art glass items displayed within. The only issue now is the dark finish really obscures most of the detail including those great arches along the top and bottom. Looks like this is another DIY project that just won’t be confined to one post!
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