Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Comes to Town

With the weather at last warming up in the Delaware valley it seems that spring has finally come to town.

Here April showers bring rain boots and flowers.

Pink cherry blossoms add an extra touch of romance to white columned porches.

Cluster of sunny daffodils brighten somber brick and Victorian woodwork.

Tulips search for the sun through antique wrought iron fences.

And waves of fallen petals drift across sidewalks.

Sweeping weeping cherry tree branches have a lace-like effect against the brick fa├žade behind them.

An elegant window box planter decorated with curly willow branches.

Colorful fish shaped Japanese windsocks known as Koinobori decorate the window boxes.

Bright clusters of tulips almost resemble Easter eggs scattered around the garden.

This lush saucer magnolia looks like a pink cloud complete with a fairy tale turret coming out of the top.

What better place to take in the pleasures of the season than a cozy wicker chair on a tall shady porch?

Then again we’ve always been partial to the well-weathered seat of an old Adirondack chair.

Photos by KS&D.

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