Thursday, February 7, 2013

Victorian Towers and Turrets

Since A Victorian City was so popular we thought we’d take a closer look at some of the architecture around town with a series focusing on specific architectural elements.


Let’s start our series with those most dramatic of Victorian architectural components, towers and turrets.

This round brick tower features an interesting cornice of scalloped shingles and trim work.

A closer look shows an elegant decorative swag trim, as well as a charming finial that seems to give the conical roof the look of a giant hand bell.

Another round tower topped with a deep cornice of scalloped shingles, this time crafted in rough stone.

These wooden towers feature rows of varying styles of shingles separated by bands of stud-like wood trim in a deep golden yellow.

Towers and turrets are to be found in every shape and size from round to square and even octagonal.

And finally this round corner tower is anchored by another architectural element favored by the Victorians, a graceful wraparound porch. 

Photos by KS&D.
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