Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Halloween City

Something strange takes place in the historic city of Lambertville, New Jersey each October.

As the leaves start to fall gardens become graveyards sprouting ghost and ghouls in place of flowers.

Spider webs suddenly shroud the deep porches of the old Victorian houses.

The delightfully spooky decorations around town are the first sign that Halloween is on its way and as you can tell this town really gets in the spirit.

Halloween draws thousands of visitors to this quiet river town of art galleries and antique shops for a Mardi Gras-like extravaganza.

The festivities have become so legendary they’ve even inspired a documentary film appropriately titled ‘Halloweenville’.

The quiet streets of Victorian houses are transformed by clever and creative homeowners into a nightmarish neighborhood of haunted mansions that make for dream trick-or-treating.

Imagine making your way up to this door on a dark windy night. 

Some of these figures are so eerily lifelike you could easily confuse them for live people in costume. 

This fabulous zombie flapper sports bobbed hair and a chic cigarette holder.

The level of detail and creativity in these figures and costumes raise them from mere decorations to true works of art.

There are some awfully well dressed ghosts and ghouls at this party but even turned out in all their finery...

the life-size ghost horse really steals the show!

Now it might be for the love of Halloween or maybe something to do with the proximity of Princeton but several houses around town sport awesome orange and black color schemes all year long!

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