Friday, March 9, 2012

Cabinet of Curiosities

The cabinet of curiosities - a place for wonders of nature and works of art.

A wondrous display of oddities and artifacts culled from the rare, unique, and beautiful. Arranged for invoking inspiration and thoughtful contemplation.

A rustic pair of antlers envelops this collection of sparkling gems and minerals interspersed with seashells, fine porcelains, and small sculptures.

Antique Chinese architectural carvings lend warmth and texture to a grouping of vases and figures of ancient Chinese deities draped in antique black jade necklaces. Natural elements include a copper vessel of dried seedpods, feathers, and a scattering of shells.

Light from a vintage porcelain lamp casts a soft golden glow on the scene and more unique pieces of folk art and art glass.

Photos and styling by KS&D.
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