Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vintage Wedgwood Schumacher

On buying trips for our shop we often come across incredible vintage fabrics but without a specific project in mind rarely stop to take a look. On a recent trip we had a definite project in mind and were lucky enough to stumble across the perfect piece of fabric for the job.

The fine fragile silk pillows seen here in a previous post all suddenly begun to fray at once (wonder who the culprit could be?) and vintage fabrics are a wonderful opportunity for unique throw pillows. At just over two yards this bold vintage Schumacher screen print was just the right size to make three pillow covers and dates from the early 70’s when this fine old family owned textile company was supplying fabric to the White House.

The pattern known as “Golden Cockerel” for the rooster motif was inspired by a now discontinued Wedgwood china pattern of the same name. The rich saturated hues in this fabric that were so popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s give the traditional pattern a fun more casual feel but are a little intense to contemporary eyes. A simple tea dying treatment will instantly tone down the bold colors and give the fabric a softer aged feel. Be sure to check back soon to see just how the finished products turn out!
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