Thursday, May 6, 2010

Opposites Attract

One of the best aspects of the eclectic aesthetic is the limitless freedom to mix and match pieces culled from various backgrounds, cultures, and styles. A great way to draw attention to special pieces is by pairing them with unlikely mates as illustrated here by a collection of fine porcelain displayed on the bare wood shelf of this rustic cabinet.

The intricate detailing of these elaborate porcelain Rococo candelabra is somehow more evident when contrasted against the natural graining of the surrounding beadboard. Not only does the raw wood throw the lavish candelabra into high relief but the porcelain also serves to ennoble the rustic nature of the simple cabinet.

Filling out the elegant china collection are several pieces of fine French Limoges including a beautiful hand painted pink and gold antique bowl, a floral Haviland biscuit jar, a fancy footed compote dish, and a charming pair of antique scallop shell saltcellars. At the center is a wonderfully realistic Italian majolica fruit pyramid adding a touch of whimsy. The blue and white china plates round out the display nicely while contributing a subtle hint of pattern to the mix.

The porcelain and china has been limited to the center shelf allowing for stacks of art books and a handful of unique accessories including a classical bust, an antique horse sculpture, and a fanciful birdcage of wire scrollwork holding a potted vine.

Photos and styling by Knickerbocker.
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