Monday, February 15, 2010

Living Room Redux: Part 2

As promised here is the update on the refreshed and re-imagined living room wall. As you can see our simple wall treatment redesign has turned into a full-scale furniture rearrangement. To be honest the sofa always did work best on this wall but had been placed perpendicular to allow for the display of a massive tapestry now long sold. After returning the sofa to this wall I choose to bookend it with a pair of antique fluted columns salvaged from a brownstone renovation. The columns make a great visual statement and are a wonderful way to display decorative arts.

Here I have elected to use an unmatched pair of accessories to add an asymmetrical counterpoint to this otherwise perfectly symmetrical composition. The antique bell is a special family piece and the vintage hand-painted Indian planter box adds a dose of life and color. The potted plant is simply sitting inside the box and can be easily switched out for some bamboo or branches for an instant new look.

As promised the bird print and Chinoiserie mirror arrangement is once again the center of focus. The long horizontal shape of the print depicting Venice makes the perfect bridge between the pair of hand carved cherub corbels. Finally to top off this elegant and simplified wall treatment the massive moose antler rack has been swapped out for these smaller and very unusual Indian Blackbuck antlers. as I love to add an unexpected rustic touch to a space.

I think this new arrangement has achieved my desire for a lighter more airy feel in the living space, however several pieces from this display have already sold as I write this and it's time to begin all over again!
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