Friday, July 27, 2012

A New Look For The Old Cabinet

Regular visitors to our blog might remember this three arch cabinet from last year when we curtained the windows to mask inventory for our online antique shop.

While the curtains were a good quick fix they weren’t exactly the most interesting things to look at.

Inspired by the tradition of decoupage furniture we decided to create a series of collage panels to display behind the arched glass doors that could be easily removed when desired.

After considering a variety of themes and materials like sheet music or playing cards we found the remains of a damaged 1870’s art book that still contained hundreds of random pages filled with illustrations.

The subjects include many famous works throughout art history and examples of decorative arts, as well as highlights in contemporary fine art of the 1870’s.

Even the fancifully decorated letters were carefully clipped and arranged like scrabble tiles to spell out words and phrases.

Here gothic letters arranged to spelling out “The Mad Poet” are used to frame an engraving titled ‘Milton Dictating Paradise Lost to His Daughters’.

The Victorian period art book was perfect for this project, as not only was decoupage a popular Victorian folk art, but the cabinet sits in a loft in a Victorian era opera house that was in it’s heyday when the book was originally published.

Since the illustrations are all black and white engravings, the finished collages have a neutral pattern-like appearance that makes a richly detailed backdrop for this colorful orchid and a selection of antique and vintage accessories.

Click HERE to see what’s hidden inside the cabinet as well as the newest arrivals in our online design boutique Knickerbocker Antiques and Vintage!

Photos and styling by KS&D.
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